Origin Entertainment is a broad–based film and television production company focused on producing transformative entertainment. It is comprised of experienced, creative professionals who are committed to making a positive impact on the industry and the modern world through entertainment.

We want to brand ourselves as practical idealists in a business that is too often known to be absurd and cynical.

We’re practical because we place the highest priority on professionalism.  We treat people fairly.  We honor our contracts. We deliver to the global audience entertainment worth their time and money.

We’re idealists because we believe that “show business” can also be “show art.”  We are deeply committed to excellence in all the many crafts that go into a screen production.  We believe that beauty always offers a challenge, and that challenge is always for the good. We accept the responsibility that the stories we tell can take hold of the audiences’ imagination and can lead them to heroism or despair.


We are Origin…

…because we believe that stories for the screen will have power in so far as they reflect the ORIGINAL, fundamental truths about the meaning and the purposes of human life.  We have a preference for projects that will stir the audience to heroism, and away from vague cynicism and selfish materialism.

…because we started as a group of friends who wanted to work together in a climate of respect and trust.  We believe that the quality of what ends up on the screen finds its ORIGIN in the mind and heart of an artist.  And that talented artists in a nurturing community can become a font of light and revelation in a dark world.

…because we believe that the ORIGINATING process which makes a movie absolutely impacts its moral and artistic power.  Having a high standard of ethics is a crucial part of our creative strategy.


To produce films that evoke the audience’s desire for the heroic, foster a generosity of spirit, and inspire them to make choices for the greater good.


Professionalism. This is our combination of training, hard work, integrity and dedication.

Artistry.  We’re not going to be satisfied until a script is as good as we can make it.  Until a performance is as rich as it can be.  Until a score is beautiful enough to work on its own.  Until every frame is something that is thought through and chosen as the best way to visualize every moment in a movie.

Meaning.  There are lots of movies that amount to a two-hour amusement park ride.  You get a rush when you are watching, but when they are done, you walk away without anything to show for it.

We look for projects that matter.  We ask: what does this have to offer kids?  To teenagers?  To young parents?  To people in their twilight years?  Lots of companies will make whatever they can sell.  We will only make things worth selling.

Ethics.  Truth is our highest standard.